Hughes: Let Governor Abolish SRC

Under current law, SRC can dissolve itself — but nobody else can.

State Sen. Vincent Hughes is pushing a bill in Harrisburg that would give the governor the power to dissolve the School Reform Commission. Under current law, the SRC has the power to dissolve itself — but nobody else has that power over the SRC.

The Daily News reports:

“The public has been very concerned about the SRC for a long time, and they should not be allowed the power to determine their fate because [currently] their fate rests in their hands,” said Hughes, who hopes to attach the amendment to a piece of school-related legislation. “They need to get a sense that there are a lot of people not happy with their action.”

A second part of the amendment also would require the SRC to give at least three days’ notice for public meetings with a detailed agenda – stricter standards than those outlined under the state’s Sunshine Act.

The City Council has voted to approve a charter ballot resolution that would let city voters offer their opinion on the future of the SRC — but that vote would be nonbinding. Tom Wolf, the Democrat challenging Gov. Tom Corbett in next month’s election, has said he would dissovlve the SRC if given the power.