Vincent Hughes


“Tax” on Uber and Lyft Would Actually Be a $4 Million Windfall to the PPA

First it looked like it was for the kids, and now it looks like it’s for the Parking Authority. A bill in the state Senate […]

teacher vacancies

PA Pols Want to Stop Locking Up Parents of Truant Students

Is pressing charges against the parent of a habitually truant student a good idea? State Sen. Vincent Hughes has a simple three-word answer: “Oh hell […]


If Fattah Goes Down, Who Would Voters Replace Him With?

It finally happened: Philadelphia Democratic U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah was indicted on corruption charges Wednesday. Already, political insiders are wondering if the congressman will resign in the coming months or simply choose not […]


2,500 Youth Summer Jobs Announced

What will the city do about the 46,000 teens and young adults who are not enrolled in school and not working? Well, today, on the first day of […]


As Harrisburg Readies for Budget Brawl, Philly Sends Its C-Team

The opening moves are now being made in what will likely be a fierce, months-long battle between newly-elected Gov. Tom Wolf and Republican leaders in […]

School District of Philadelphia

Philly Has Boosted School Funding By a Staggering Amount Since 2011

1. Philadelphia has significantly increased funding for the city’s schools since 2011, while money from the state and federal government has dried up. The gist: It’s that maddening […]


Insider: Black Pols Will “Rue the Day” They Backed Kenney

(Editor’s note: This is an opinion column from a Citified insider. McCalla is a policy consultant who has provided pro bono advice to mayoral candidate Anthony H. […]


Embattled State Police Nominee Gets Democratic Support

State Sen. Vincent Hughes has thrown his support behind Gov. Tom Wolf’s embattled nominee to lead the Pennsylvania State Police. Hughes endorsed Marcus Brown Wednesday, […]


Is Pennsylvania Ready for Automatic, Universal Voter Registration?

State Sen. Vincent Hughes traveled to Selma, Alabama this past weekend to commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement in which police […]


50 Years After Bloody Sunday, a Push for Racial Fairness in Sentencing

I caught up with State Sen. Vincent Hughes on Sunday afternoon by phone — he had spent the weekend in Selma, Alabama, joining the 50th […]


Senator: Lack of Diversity in Philly Casino License

Here’s a statement from Sen. Vincent Hughes that’s come across the transom in the wake of the announcement that the PA Gaming Control Board has […]


Hughes: Let Governor Abolish SRC

State Sen. Vincent Hughes is pushing a bill in Harrisburg that would give the governor the power to dissolve the School Reform Commission. Under current […]


If Chaka Fattah Goes, Who Fills the Void?

The city’s political class is abuzz with talk of potential replacements for U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah, who could be politically finished after his former chief of staff Gregory Naylor pled guilty to […]


Sen. Vincent Hughes Takes Aim at Klan Activity

State Sen. Vincent Hughes is sounding the alarm about the rise of the Ku Klux Klan in York, where the KKK has purportedly distributed “neighborhood watch” […]