Sale of Revel to Brookfield Is Finalized

But Florida developer won't go down without a fight. (Literally.)

A judge finalized the sale of the shuttered Revel Casino to Brookfield Holdings today, but not before some final bits of weirdness in a neverendingly weird tale.

Suffice it to say, it ended like this:

Back up: What happened before that was that the judge overseeing the auction denied Florida developer Glenn Straub’s request for a second-chance do-over auction, claiming he had left needed medicine in Florida and wasn’t prepared for the deep-into-the-night bidding process. (Straub, you’ll recall, wanted to use the facilities to create a “university for geniuses.”)

Apparently it got a little heated.

We expect to see more details on what happened as the dust settles.

But: Brookfield won the day with its $110 million bid. That’s a steal, considering the almost-brand-new casino was built for $2.4 billion.

[Press of Atlantic City]