David Lynch Hates Mural Arts’ Latest

Calls it a "travesty."

David Lynch may love him some Federal Donuts, but one thing he is not a fan of is the new Mural Arts project, the annoyingly uncapitalized “psychylustro” by Katharina Grosse, a series of seven murals along the train route between 30th Street Station and the North Philadelphia stop.

Art In America magazine brought up the project during an interview with Lynch on Wednesday, when he was at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for the debut of “David Lynch: The Unified Field.”

Here’s what Lynch had to say:

A travesty in my book. Unreal. The walls on railroad lines, they were built so beautifully. They say that style follows function—every detail of how they put one thing together with another: the electric wires, the stonework, the plaster work, the metal of the windows, the railroad signs—all of this stuff is like beautiful sculpture. And as it gets older it just gets richer and more beautiful. They’re sacred things, and you should never deface them.

Read the complete interview here.

Below, photos of the project:

(h/t Phawker)