NCAA: UConn Coach Broke Rules With Mo’ne Davis Call

Geno Auriemma called Taney Dragon to congratulate her. Now he's in trouble.

Prepare to roll your eyes. Violently.

“The NCAA has determined that UConn women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma committed a secondary rules violation when he made a phone call congratulating Little League pitching star Mo’ne Davis last month, the school announced Thursday,” AP reports.

The good news? No major sanctions are expected. Still, this seems a little silly, doesn’t it?

During the Taney Dragons run to the Little League World Series, Davis attracted attention for her pitching — but also said she expected to eventually play high-level basketball, and expressed particular interest in Auriemma’s program, where he’s won multiple national championships.

UConn said Auriemma checked with the school’s compliance department before calling Davis, but apparently nobody there thought he’d really get in trouble for briefly congratulating the 13-year-old pitcher.

“The nature of coach Auriemma’s two-minute conversation with Mo’ne had nothing to do with recruiting and instead had everything to do with congratulating and encouraging Mo’ne to continued success,” athletic director Wade Manuel said.

“There’s guys playing college basketball driving around in cars that cost more than my house,” Auriemma said, “and we’re worried about a phone call that I made?”