Here Are the Taney Dragons on Today, GMA

Not the winners. Just the favorites.

Quite a multimedia tour for the Taney Dragons today. First up: The Today show.

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The Dragons also appeared on Good Morning America, although that video wasn’t initially working for us. Maybe you’ll have better luck!

Today reports:

Taney’s tournament run came to an end in a loss to U.S. champion Jackie Robinson West of Chicago. It was a magical run for Taney, which became the first team from Philadelphia to reach the Little League World Series and finished third out of the 7,000 Little League teams in the country.

“It feels amazing,” Davis said. “(For a) team from the city to make it to the Little League World Series and to be one of the 16 top teams in the world, it’s amazing.”

Matt Lauer even featured his own daughter as a Little Leaguer who might follow in Davis’s footsteps:

And of course, remember that the team gets its own parade on Wednesday, followed by a celebration with the Phillies at Citizens Bank Park.