Philadelphia Sex Trafficker Gets Almost 22 Years in Prison

Rahim McIntyre got a long sentence for his role in sex trafficking. His other brother Rashaad pleaded guilty and could face life.

A once-aspiring rapper who went by the name of King Kobra was sentenced to 21 years and 10 months in prison Monday for his role in sex trafficking.

Prosecutors had requested a 40-year sentence for Rahim McIntyre. Also Monday, McIntyre’s older brother Rashaad pleaded guilty to sex trafficking charges and another count of producing child pornography. He faces life in prison on sentencing.

The Inquirer’s detailing of the crimes are harrowing:

The elder McIntyre, prosecutors said, created a female persona that he used to befriend troubled teenage females online. The younger had a woman, one of his prostitutes, do the work. He also routinely sent women into teen hangouts such as the Gallery to seek recruits.

But as several of the women working for the younger brother testified at his April trial, those who disobeyed the younger McIntyre’s orders often got hurt. They described him as a demanding boss who expected his women to ask permission to buy clothing or food. He once asked one to have his name tattooed on her arm, one of the women said.

The McIntyre brothers’ crimes were also detailed last month in a long report in the Daily News (the one that had to share space on the cover with a Sexy Singles promo).

“You took advantage of young women who were extremely vulnerable,” Judge Harvey Bartle III said, “and led them into a life that is just horrible to contemplate.”

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