Christie Takes Stand Against Discrimination

He's tired of people generalizing and stereotyping police officers.

WNYC’s Matt Katz reports that Gov. Chris Christie today was asked to comment about events in Ferguson, Mo., and whether there’s a problem with the way police deal with young African Americans. Christie responded with an angry tirade against discrimination … against police.

“Listen I think it’s very dangerous to make generalizations about anybody like that, Matt. We have millions of dedicated men and women who are police officers across this country, who work in grave danger every day, who try to make sure they protect innocent people across the country. So I’m not going to get into this game of generalizing and characterizing people in that way. Everybody should be judged on their merits. Whatever happened in Ferguson, we have a justice system in this country that will be able to make that judgement and if there are people who need to be held accountable I’m confident they will be. But I’m not going to get into this business of generalizing against law enforcement officers. It’s not right.”

Yup. It would be wrong to hold a bunch of people responsible for what a few bad eggs did.