Corbett Calls For Amish Mafia To End

Says the Discovery Channel series is "bigoted."

Levi and Alvin are blowing up a car. This makes Gov. Corbett mad.

See, this is a scene from Amish Mafia, a Discovery Channel reality show about … Amish who violently defend their culture and religion. None of them look like Harrison Ford, though, and the whole thing comes off as a kind weird Amish-Fascism that doesn’t really square that well with any of the intentionally gentle people we’ve known.

Which might be why there’s pressure to cancel the show, and maybe why Gov. Corbett is joining the chorus. reports:

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett was one of 19 state politicians to call for production and broadcast of “Amish Mafia” to stop in the most recent statement from the Respect Amish organization.

“By misrepresenting the Amish as a crime-ridden culture, the show gives, by association, the same impression of Lancaster County,” the statement reads “It changes the image of the county from one of pastoral beauty, where people are devoted to faith, family and friends, to one of banal ugliness.”

Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey signed a similar statement, though they didn’t call for an end to the show’s production. I’m not so sure they should’ve done that. Does anybody really want to piss off …. the Amish Mafia?