Report: Philly Has Edge to Host 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC)

Could bring up to $200 million to local economy.

The Pennsylvania delegation was in the middle of action at the 20000 Democratci National Convention.

The Pennsylvania delegation was in the middle of action at the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

Site selectors from the Democratic Party aren’t due in town until Wednesday, but a new report from the Associated Press suggests Philadelphia is the front-runner among the five cities still in play for the Democratic National Convention.

Factors? Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have ties to the state, though both were senators elsewhere. Plus, it has a successful track record since 1856 of hosting party conventions, and it hosts a large media market that extends well into neighboring states.

“I do think that Philadelphia has a very good chance of getting it,” said former DNC Chairman Joe Andrew, who guided the party’s selection of convention cities from 1996 to 2004 and supports the city’s bid. He noted that Philadelphia was a front-runner for the 2000 Democratic convention, but Republicans picked it first.

“Philadelphia has a strong bid based on great mechanics, and there’s no question that Democrats would like to nail down Pennsylvania,” Andrew said. He said Clinton’s and Biden’s family ties to Pennsylvania will likely be “a consideration.”

Former DNC Chairman Howard Dean, who presided over Democrats’ choice of Denver in 2008, also rated the city as a top contender. “Philadelphia would be a successful host,” he said.

The convention is expected to bring $200 million to the local economy — though as Mayor Nutter pointed out last week, it will also require an investment by local officials of tens of millions of dollars.