Alleged Main Line Drug Leader Waives Hearing

Timothy Brooks will be arraigned on August 27th.

Nineteen-year-old Timothy Brooks, the last alleged member of the “Main Line Takeover Project,” has waived a preliminary hearing and will be arraigned on August 27th.

The Inky’s Carolyn Davis reports:

This was the last hearing in District Court for any of the drug-ring defendants. Eleven people, including two juveniles, were arrested in April by county authorities, who said the ring’s leaders had referred to the burgeoning operation as the “Main Line Takeover Project.”

Brooks and Neil K. Scott, graduates of the Haverford School on the Main Line, headed the scheme, according to a court document. One of the schools that investigators say the pair targeted for sales was their alma mater.

Brooks’s case may be consolidated with eight other cases in the same matter.