Live Maggots Found In Aramark Food, Again

But nobody actually ate the live maggots, the Philly-based corporation points out.

The Columbus Dispatch newspaper is hot on the trail of a story about live maggots being found in the food of not one but two prisons in Ohio — food that was provided and served by Philadelphia foodservice giant Aramark, which has a $110 million annual contract with the state to feed its inmates. And presumably maggots aren’t supposed to be on the menu.

According to the report, live maggots were found in one prison’s food on June 30th. A maggot was found inside a “turkey roll” that was being sliced for supper, and live maggots were also found in the hot box.

The story goes on to say that there were also maggots-in-food problems earlier in June and twice in January at Ohio prisons.

“It was discovered prior to any meals being served,” an Aramark spokesperson responded to the June 30th complaint. “And our third-party auditor was on site at the facility to ensure it meets our high standards for safety and sanitation.”

And it turns out that maggots aren’t just a problem in Ohio’s prisons. The Detroit Free Press last week reported that maggots were found in Michigan’s Aramark-provided prison food twice in one week. And at least 30 prisoners developed “food poisoning-like symptoms.”

Just another reason not to break the law.