Philly Apparently Does Not Have World Cup Fever

Nowhere to be found in the tournament's Top 10 TV markets.

Perhaps we’ve been beaten down by too many bad Philadelphia Union seasons — after so much hope and excitement before the team was actually formed! — but it doesn’t appear that Philly’s paying too much attention to the World Cup.

CBS Philly reports: “Philadelphia is not in the top-12 markets in terms of World Cup ratings, sitting behind smaller markets such as West Palm Beach and San Diego.”

That’s for the tournament generally. The U.S. versus Ghana match, which everybody watched, didn’t do too much better. “Washington D.C. lead all markets for the U.S. match as well, with a rating of 11.8. New York (10.2), Hartford-New Haven (10.1), and Boston (10.0) all received at least a 10.0 rating. Philadelphia was not in the top-10.”

And who can blame Philadelphians? After all, we had a not-very-good Phillies team beating up on the Braves this week!