Philadelphia Area Man Has Awesome Answer to Final Jeopardy!

Havertown's Peter Solderitch did pretty well on Jeopardy! last night.


Last night, Havertown resident Peter Solderitsch competed on Jeopardy!, and he performed pretty well. We learned that, despite living in Havertown, he commutes 2 1/2 hours to Manhattan every day. He also landed on two Daily Doubles and got one of them.

His two clues:

  • Because of its inherent rhythm, the sinoatrial node is the specialized heart tissue known as the natural this. (What is a pacemaker? He got this right.)
  • In South Dakota, you can visit a launch facility for these cold war missiles with a Revolutionary War name. (What is Minutemen? He guessed Patriot.)

Solderitsch finished Double Jeopardy in second place with $15,500, just $1,700 behind leader Paige Ormiston. Unfortunately, Ormiston got Final Jeopardy and bet enough to cover everyone else — so it didn’t matter how Solderitsch answered. That’s OK, because it appears he came up with the correct response (Quasimodo) at literally the last possible second, and well, his handwriting isn’t so strong under pressure. But whose is?

Also, is that a square root symbol in “Quasimodo”?