Philadelphia a Finalist to Host 2016 Democratic Convention

Pittsburgh dropped out to aid Philly's bid.

Philadelphia is one of six cities left competing to host the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Politics PA reports. While Philly’s a solidly Democratic city, we haven’t hosted the party’s convention since 1948. (Republicans nominated George W. Bush for the presidency here in 2000.)

Pittsburgh was one of the original fifteen sites that were invited into the process and initially intended on bidding. The Steel City dropped out in part to help Philly’s chances of winning the event.

Philadelphia’s biggest rival will likely be Phoneix. The Democratic party has sought in recent years to target their conventions to new swing states like Colorado (Denver in 2008) and North Carolina (Charlotte in 2012). Arizona, a sunbelt state with a large Hispanic population, certainly fits that mold.

On the other hand, Arizona has not exactly been the Democrats’ (or President Obama’s) favorite place. Additionally, Arizona is a “right to work” state and the DNC already had a bitter fight with labor over the 2012 convention that they probably don’t want to repeat. You can be sure Rep. Bob Brady will point this out if the Democrats should forget.

A decision is expected by early next year.