76ers Seek $82 Million Grant to Build Headquarters in Jersey

That grant would be spread out over 10 years.

“The Philadelphia 76ers have applied for an $82 million grant — spread out 10 years — from the state of New Jersey for a new practice facility and headquarters it hopes to build in Camden, N.J.,” the Philadelphia Business Journal reports. “The amount became known Monday when the New Jersey Economic Development Authority listed the annual figure, $8,204,050, on its agenda for discussion at its June 10 meeting.”

Given their recent history, we assume that if the Sixers don’t get what they want out of this process, they’ll just go out and accidentally on purpose lose a record number of games next year until they get something more out of their liking.

Anyway, both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have big giant budget problems right now. If Jersey wants to take money it should be paying into police pension funds and give it to billionaires and the millionaires they employ to pay a kid’s game, let them. We should be smarter than that here.