Philly’s Billy Cavallo is “Gay & Lucky” in New Andrew Christian Video

Billy Cavallo in Andrew Christian's latest viral video, "Gay & Lucky."

Billy Cavallo in Andrew Christian’s latest viral video, “Gay & Lucky.”

A few months ago, Gayborhood bartender Billy Cavallo jetted out to L.A. to fulfill one of his requirements as winner of 2013’s Most Original Stoli Guy competition: to film an Andrew Christian video. (You can watch that here.) While he was there, however, filmmakers had him star in another spot that veered away from the underwear retailer’s typical bulge-tastic ads in favor of something a little more heartwarming.

Just in time for Pride, “Gay & Lucky” follows a young man who comes into his own after being bullied for being gay. Cavallo makes an appearance around the 2:30 mark. Check it out below. Just a heads up before you click play, though: It may be more toned down than some of Andrew Christian’s other videos, but it’s still NSFW.