Brady Denies Fixing Traffic Tickets

Contradicts witness testimony in Traffic Court corruption trial

CBS Philly reports that Congressman Bob Brady, the leader of Philly’s Democratic Party, is denying that he fixed traffic tickets for friends and supporters — this despite testimony at the ongoing trial regarding corruption at the now-defunct Traffic Court.

Tonya Hilton testified that a Brady aide named “Charlie” regularly called about cases before the court; those cases were then routinely dismissed.

Congressman Brady says his office never sought such help, “All we have ever done is to supply an attorney for anyone who needed help in Traffic Court. And I’ve asked my people down there, and they have never, ever asked for consideration.”

Brady said Charlie worked for the Democratic City Committee, which Brady heads, not his Congressional office. He did not supply Charlie’s last name, nor was it mentioned at trial.

“It (requests for consideration) never took place. All we do is supply free of charge an attorney to accompany anyone who had to go in to traffic court. We would always supply them with an attorney.”

The trial is ongoing.