Carlos Ruiz Hires Boats, Helicopters, Airplanes to Rescue Friends

From Philadelphia, Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz helped find two friends who were lost at sea off the coast of Panama.

Carlos Ruiz got terrifying news after Friday night’s win over the Dodgers. The Phillies catcher, who grew up in Boquerón, Panama, learned from his brother two of his hometown friends were missing after their fishing boat capsized.

ThePostGame’s Jeffrey Eisenband reports reports Ruiz hired boats, helicopters, and airplanes to help find his friends. The search was successful, with Ruiz’s brother actually finding one of his friends.

“He does a lot of work for the people in the town and province where we grew up,” childhood friend Omar Urriola told ThePostGame from Panama. “If there needs to be a light in the stadium, he puts it in.”

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