If You’re Older Than 45, Getting a PA Driver’s License Is Getting Tougher

Your best solution? Stop getting old.

PennLive reports something we weren’t quite aware of: PennDot, for decades, has selected 1,900 Pennsylvanians older than 45 to get random physical and visual screenings as a condition of renewing their driver’s licenses.

Now the program is about to expand:

Kara Templeton, the director of its Bureau of Driver Licensing since March 2 but a PennDOT employee for the past 14 years, told PennLive in an interview Thursday that the department is looking at perhaps expanding the random sample size of drivers older than 45 who must undergo these spot checks on their medical fitness to drive.

It is all part of the department’s efforts to ensure the safety of not only those who get behind the wheel but also the safety of other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians with whom they share the road.

The really good news? If you’re one of the random selectees, you get to pay for the medical and visual testing! This should make many drivers very, very happy.