Weekend Roundup: Get PrEPped at ICandy, Stimulus Turns 5, Elixir Gala and More

If information is power, get ready to power-up Sunday at an informative PrEP Panel at Icandy. PrEP, if you don’t know, is a daily pill that has been approved by the FDA as an effective HIV-prevention method — even as effective, some argue, as consistent and proper condom usage. Besides general information about the drug, the hour-long session will cover an array of other topics relating to PrEP. Event organizer Josh Kruger explains:

“There are issues, of course, that we need to talk about: How much does this cost? Is it feasible for everyone? How does a traditional ‘safer-sex’ approach with condoms fit into PrEP? … We’re going to be talking to an individual who is on PrEP currently and two experts. We’re hoping everyone comes out for the free discussion to learn what PrEP is, what PrEP isn’t, and to just enjoy fellowship with one another as part of the queer community. It’s free and open to everyone. Hell, we’re even going to give [30-percent-off] brunch discounts to people who attend the free seminar. So come get a free cup of coffee, learn about the newest tool to prevent HIV, and save money on brunch. It’s a win/win/win!”

Over 20,000 Philadelphians are living with HIV/AIDS, and our rate of HIV acquisition is rising. Take this opportunity to not only educate yourself, but to take this information and share it with your friends and members of your communities. It’s up to us to make the change. Sunday, May 18, 1 p.m.–2:00, free, Icandy, 254 South 12th Street. 




  • Bev’s about a week late for a mom-themed brunch, but what else would you expect from that drunken floozy?