People Bash on You on Twitter When You Go on Jeopardy!

Brad Rutter, originally from Lancaster, dominated his Jeopardy! all-stars tournament game last night — and got plenty of Twitter hate.

Brad Rutter — who used to live in Lancaster — is the all-time Jeopardy! money winner and has never lost on the show, except in a game involving Watson. Wednesday night, he competed in a quarterfinal game of the Jeopardy! all-stars “Battle of the Decades” tournament.

Unlike another local-ish contestant, Rutter wore shoes for his game. He also dominated, finishing with $32,400 before Final Jeopardy! and betting zero. He advances to the semifinals next week.

Rutter is active on Twitter, and so during his game on the East Coast last night he began retweeting his haters! While he has plenty of fans, including baseball player Dexter Fowler and actress Kali Hawk, he also receives a decent amount of Twitter hate. Apparently, when you appear on national syndicated TV, people tweet mean things about you. It happened with Arthur Chu, too!

This one is Roger Craig, who won Monday’s Jeopardy! game. So he’s kidding! And maybe these other people are, too.

Aw, man, don’t drag Ken Jennings into this.

Amazingly, this hate was mostly from the East Coast!

What? Wow, people on the West Coast really are nicer than everyone else.