Josh Shapiro Endorses Tom Wolf

Chairman of Montgomery County Commission lines up with front-runner.

You want your sign that Tom Wolf is the inevitable winner of the Democratic nomination for governor? This is the week that the party establishment is clearly lining up on his side, as they look ahead to taking on Tom Corbett in November. Over the weekend, Ed Rendell and Bob Casey acted as Wolf campaign surrogates in decrying Rob McCord’s “race” ad; today, Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro formally endorsed Wolf. Here’s the full release:

Mark —

As Pennsylvania Democrats, we have some good choices to be our nominee for Governor. The fundamental decision now is who is our best choice.

I believe that person is Tom Wolf.


Here’s why —

I’ve known Tom for nearly a decade. At his core, he is a good and honorable man of impeccable integrity.

We share a hopeful, positive vision for our Commonwealth. His intellectual curiosity is bolstered by a compassionate pragmatism that has led to progress and prosperity in his community, his business, the government agency he led and even in rural India where he served in the Peace Corps.

Tom is a proven executive who all Pennsylvanians can count on. He follows through and does what he says he’s going to do — he delivers.

I’ve been a public servant for twenty years. First as an aide on Capitol Hill in Washington, then as a member of the state House and now as Chairman of the Montgomery County Commissioners. Each step along the way I’ve fought for real, meaningful reform that helps average Pennsylvanians by making our government more transparent and responsive to the people — especially those without a voice or a lobbyist in Harrisburg.

I’ve won some battles like overhauling the House Ethics rules, a new Open Records law and procurement policies that give everyone a fair shot. I’ve come up short in others when those in power reject meaningful change. What’s clear to me is that solutions to our pressing problems exist but without leaders who are truly committed to reform and can build a coalition around change, little gets done.

Reform is deeper than campaign promises. It’s about having the resolve and determination to make real change and a commitment to seeing it through. Tom will put his capital and reputation on the line to take on the entrenched interests.

I know what it takes to challenge the status quo in Harrisburg and so does Tom. He not only has the plans in place to fix our Capitol, like enacting a gift ban and reforming the way contracts are awarded by the executive branch, he has the courage to see it through. He’s also led by example. As Revenue Secretary, Tom refused the perks, drove his own car, and donated his salary to charity.

Like me, Tom understands that the purpose of reform isn’t to tear down our institutions of government but rather to build up our democracy and make government more ethical, efficient and effective so that it can better meet the needs of all Pennsylvanians.

Tom is a representative of a Democratic Party that offers innovative solutions, principled leadership and a common decency that will yield a fair, responsive and representative government in Pennsylvania.

I urge Democrats to join me and come together behind Tom Wolf – the best choice for Governor.

Josh Shapiro