Child Killed, Pregnant Mom Injured in Delaware Dog Attack

The child, 4, was mauled by three pit bulls he had been playing with in the back yard. He'd previously played with the dogs without incident.

A four-year-old boy was killed and his pregnant mother injured when they were mauled by dogs, Robin Brown of The News Journal reports. According to the paper, the son was playing in the back yard with three pit bulls while his mother was inside a friend’s house. The mom looked outside the window to see her son being attacked by the dogs, who he had previously played with without any problems.

The mother ran outside and was also attacked. Two nearby HVAC repairmen attempted to stop the dogs from attacking the boy by “fending off the animals with PVC piping and assisting the mother from the attacking dogs,” according to police. The pregnant mother was transported to the hospital, while the boy was pronounced dead at the scene. The three dogs will be euthanized.

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