New Jersey Is Burning: Four Big Forest Fires Hit State

Dry, windy conditions led to the sparking of several large blazes in New Jersey on Thursday. Rain is expected to help quell the fire threat later Friday.

High winds and dry conditions led to the start of several forest fires in New Jersey yesterday. One fire still burning is in Franklinville, Gloucester County; 60 homes are in the area, but none have been evacuated. Action News’ Annie McCormick and David Henry report that firefighters believe it won’t spread beyond the 500-acre size.

Two more fires hit on either side of the Garden State Parkway in Ocean County, with residents being evacuated for a time. New Jersey Forest Fire Service told New York’s Eyewitness News that only one fire remains burning in Ocean County and is 80 percent contained.

Yet another fire hit Downe Township in Cumberland County on Thursday. More than 1,500 acres burned in the Edward G. Bevan Fish and Wildlife Management Area.

“Half the sky was orange and the other half was clear blue,” New Jersey resident Jason Disbrow told the Inquirer’s Michael Boren and Angelo Fichera.

While conditions remain ripe for more forest fires currently, rain is expected later this afternoon. No homes have been impacted and no injuries were reported — the only building that caught on fire was a shed.