Jersey Fire’s Smoke Seen in NY, Philly

Fire in Wharton State Forest contained Monday afternoon.

If the air in Philly seemed a bit grittier than usual on Monday — provided you got a break from the rain — we now have the reason: Smoke from a brushfire at Wharton State Forest got so thick it could be seen both from New York City and Philadelphia. NBC 10 reports:

The forest fire burned more than 1,500 acres of land, or about 2 square miles, in the Wharton State Forest Sunday into Monday sending smoke into the air that could be seen and smelled in neighboring states.

 NBC10’s SkyForce10 could spot smoke from the fire wafting in the air above Northeast Philly Monday morning — that’s about 40 miles away. There were also reports of reduced visibility at some area airports.

There were no reports of injuries.