Tollefson Out of Jail, Into Rehab

Former sports anchor now using public defenders.

The Inquirer reports that former sports anchor Don Tollefson is leaving jail — to go to rehab — while he waits trial on charges he scammed area sports fans who thought they were buying game and travel packages from him.

The petition to release Tollefson was filed by a public defender – not the two high profile attorneys who flanked him at his arraignment in February, according to court documents. Bucks County Judge James McMaster granted the order on Tuesday, reducing Tollefson’s bail from $10,000 to zero.

The use of a public defender may suggest a further fall from grace for Tollefson, who once earned nearly $5,000 a week at Fox before leaving the station in 2008.

Tollefson is accused of defrauding 100 people out of money in the alleged scheme.