WATCH: Mayor Nutter Defends Obamacare on Meet the Press

Says he's "very proud" of the law.

Sunday, Mayor Nutter defended Obamacare on Meet the Press:

He also talked foreign policy!


Michael though, you’re looking at this, no doubt, from the point of view of the President’s domestic agenda. Going to the issues that you’re dealing with as a mayor every day. You look at a foreign policy crisis taking more and more time and effort away. Do you worry about it impacting President Obama’s leadership in other areas?


Well, President Obama can do many more things than one thing at a time. And so he has an entire team. I think that the sanctions are starting to work, as Andrea said. You see what the U.N. Security Council did in terms of the resolution. So the world is starting to come together around this particular issue. China was with us.

Russia is increasingly going to be isolated in this situation. And so the president also, looking at the domestic agenda, and listening to Americans, most Americans are really tired of war, don’t necessarily want to be in this kind of conflict. So there is a balancing act here in this country in dealing with world leaders.