STRIPPED: Peter Andrew Danzig

Peter Danzig02

Photo by Evan Schapiro.

My coming out story is …
My friend Danielle. I decided to tell her I was gay at a football game, in which she responded, “So that’s why you’ll never make out with me!” It was sobering to have that moment met with a laugh and a smile. My mom responded similarly, telling me it didn’t matter as long as I found love.

If I’m checking out a guy, chances are he has …
Beautiful eyes. It’s all about eye contact for me. That reveals a lot about a person. Also, pecs are kind of my thing. So there is that, too.

My worst date was …
Someone took me out for ice cream and then told me 15 minutes in he had purchased a hotel room. Ummmm … no. It was the shortest date ever. I’d say 20 minutes in total — enough time to finish my ice cream!

You’re an actor, so you must be into role play? 
I wouldn’t say no to a man in uniform.

My friends are constantly ribbing me about …
My dance walking. I’m always running through choreography in my head, but I do it while I’m walking in the street. I look like a crazy person, I’m sure. Oh, and my love of Britney Spears, I never hear the end of it about that one.

If it’s Saturday night, you’re most likely to find me …
At Koresh‘s dance studios. If not there, there is nothing like a glass of wine and an episode of Sailor Moon. Yes, I said it, Sailor Moon.

Whitney, Mariah or Celine? 

That wasn’t one of the options!
Okay, then Celine. Her range is amazing.

If I could sleep with one celebrity, it would be …
Colin Farrell, without a doubt.

My attitude about the gym is …
It’s a way of life for a physical actor. People don’t often associate actors with athletes, but we are. The gym helps me train for a variety of roles, so it has become a part of my daily routine. There are other fun ways to exercise, too: dancing, circus training. It’s always good to break the sense of routine.

Check out more photos from our shoot with Peter below. All shots by Evan Schapiro, who you can follow at

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