Believe It Or Not: PA Liquor Stores Get Out-of-State Customers

Is it just a myth that Pennsylvanians leave the state to buy liquor?

The Patriot-News reports: “One of the biggest talking points in the debate over the future of Pennsylvania’s state store system is “border bleed” — the number of Pennsylvanians who drive across state lines to buy booze. But it seems neighboring states are also losing customers to Pennsylvania.”

Customers who have a zip code outside of Pennsylvania accounted for nearly $3 million in sales at state stores last October, according to a sales summary the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board released Thursday.

That accounts for 3 percent of all LCB sales in October.

Of course, the state also reportedly loses as much as $180 million to “border bleed” sales: Pennsylvania, in effect, has a liquor trade deficit.