Bill Green Will Get Protested at His First SRC Meeting

You asked for it, dude.

Why anyone would sacrifice his cushy half-councilman/half-lawyer gig and toss away mayoral ambitions to take a position that would get him publicly yelled at on a regular basis by hundreds of angry people is beyond me.

But Bill Green has done just that, and in his new role as School Reform Commission chairman, protestors are planning to do their thing during his first meeting tonight. (Legitimate question: Has Bill Green ever been violently booed before?)

OK, here’s what’s supposed happen tonight, according to a press release from Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools.

Protesters will chant, hold signs, and turn their backs on Green to demand he listen to parents, teachers, and students. [Emphasis mine.]

They don’t like him in part because he supports things like charter schools and vouchers. But more broadly, because “our goal is to replace the SRC, which has been flawed from the beginning.” So nothing you can say or do, Bill Green, is going to make much of a difference tonight. Have fun!