Awesome Things About SEPTA We’ve Learned From SEPTA’s New Advertising Campaign

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the transit service.

It’s the 50th anniversary of SEPTA and, and the transit agency wants you to celebrate:

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.02.33 PM

The anniversary includes the unveiling of the I SEPTA Philly website, which includes a great video that, unfortunately, doesn’t appear to be embeddable anywhere else. Go watch it, now.

Like any 50-year-old struggling with a midlife crisis, the SEPTA video tries to convinces us how young and hip it is. Here’s what some of our favorite quotes from the video reveal about SEPTA in 2014.

• It’s like a party!

“I honestly enjoy riding SEPTA because I’m a people person, I like watching people and talking to people and getting to know people.”

• Or maybe it’s like Facebook!

“I see people from my grade school and high school, so it’s nice to reconnect.”

• Or maybe!

“I’ve met a bunch of nice ladies on SEPTA.”

• But there’s no reason to be creeped out!

“I feel definitely very safe on SEPTA.”

“In fact, I notice cameras on the bus.”

“When I get off the train, I usually see uniformed officers standing there.”

• Or grossed out!

“A lot of people think, like, SEPTA is dirty, but it’s actually really clean.”

• In fact, maybe you should engage in unwise behavior!

“You can easily fall asleep like I do. It’s really relaxing.”

• After all, there’s nobody on our trains or buses that you would find annoying or offputting!

“I’m usually coming home from the club, tearin’ it up at the club, in Manayunk, Center City.”

• That’s why we’re happy! Never sad! Happy!

“WIthout SEPTA here in Philly, my life would be very boring, I wouldn’t be able to get around.”