Blood Supply Running Low as Almost No One Shows Up to Atlantic City Blood Drive

Only two people were able to give blood at drive in Atlantic City Monday. Snow has forced the cancelation of many drives recently.

Yesterday, the Press of Atlantic City‘s Steven Lemongello tweeted this photo:

Eventually, he writes in the paper today, people did show up. Three of them. Only two who could give blood.

But for a while at Monday’s Atlantic City drive, there were no blood types of any kind. Several appointments made for the morning – usually the busiest period – came and went, and 10 staff members sat at tables talking as equipment stood unused, post-donation snacks went uneaten, and everyone waited. “It’s extremely unusual,” team supervisor Jim Gallagher said. “We usually get 25 to 30 a day typically in the Penn-Jersey region.”

Search the News and you’ll see that blood supply is low in many areas of the country. Much of this is due to the harsh weather; many blood drives have been canceled due to the snow. “The ongoing winter storms and freezing temperatures have resulted in thousands of uncollected blood and platelet donations,” the Penn-Jersey Red Cross blood site reads.

If you’d like to give blood, the Red Cross has a locator where you can find the nearest place to donate. You can almost always go to the Philadelphia Donor Center at 7th and Spring Garden to donate.