Here Is a Pennsylvania School Tom Corbett Did Not Run Away From

Apparently, the governor only flees in Philadelphia.

Here’s a real press release from Gov. Tom Corbett’s office. We’ve changed it slightly. See if you can figure out how!

Windber – Governor Tom Corbett today presented the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Academics to Windber Area Middle School in Windber Area School District, Somerset County—bravely sticking around for the entire ceremony instead of fleeing in a panicky last-minute subterfuge.

“This school demonstrates the remarkable commitment and dedication of students, parents, taxpayers, teachers and administrators in preparing students for a successful future,” Corbett said.  “Windber Area Middle School is a great example of the high-quality learning that is taking place in classrooms across Pennsylvania. I’m so glad I could show up here and show my face without turning tail and running from you fine folks. ”

“It is an honor to have the Governor make time in his schedule to recognize the efforts of our students, faculty and staff,” said Windber Area School District Superintendent Rick Huffman. “We are also glad that he didn’t run and hide from us like a nervous kitty-kat.”

The Governor, First Lady, Lt. Governor and Corbett administration officials are visiting high-performing schools across Pennsylvania—well, many of them anyway—to present them with Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Academics. Statewide, 428 school buildings in 164 districts attained a score of 90 or higher.

“Effective educators and school leaders greatly influence student achievement,” said Acting Secretary of Education Carolyn Dumaresq, who, like the governor, appeared at the event and demonstrated her bravery by not holding a secret press conference in a hotel later. “I applaud Windber Area School District for its excellent educational programs and quality teachers, support staff and administrative team who are dedicated to raising student achievement and eliminating the area’s most troublesome hidey holes.”