Read the Most Boring Philly Headline of the Year

(So far!)

Back in 1986, The New Republic hosted a contest to see if anyone could find a newspaper article with a headline more boring than “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative,” which their editor came across in the New York Times. To date, nobody has. But an item written today by the Daily News’s Chris Brennan comes close.

This has it all: The vague and colorless “Dems”; the “mostly” that obliterates the possibility that the forum was at all remarkable; the reference to a public radio station; the reference to our boring governor.

Of course, it’s true: They mostly agree! But come on Daily News, you guys are the headline masters. Only a couple months ago I was giving you props for “Shrink Accused of Playing Tug.” Now, “Dems Mostly Agree in WHYY Forum on Governor’s Race” may be the most boring headline of the year so far, but we’ve got 11 months to go and it’s anyone’s game. Metro, Al Dia, Inquirer, Legal Intelligencer, um, Philebrity: Show us what you got.