Democrats Already Competing for Green’s Council Seat

More than 20 have expressed interest.

Technically, Bill Green’s Council seat isn’t empty—that won’t happen unless and until he’s confirmed to his new job leading the School Reform Commission. But that isn’t slowing down the line of applicants for his old job, the Inquirer reports:

U.S. Rep. Robert Brady, who is also the city Democratic chairman, reported Monday that he had received “20-some calls over the weekend” from people interested in replacing Bill Green on Council, following Green’s nomination Friday by Gov. Corbett to chair the School Reform Commission.

Brady said he would not be surprised if 40 people approached him eventually, hoping to get party backing for Green’s $125,207-a-year Council seat.

Council vacancies are filled by special election, with candidates chosen by party leaders, not voters in a primary.

Whoever wins will have to run again, though, and soon: They’d only serve to the end of Green’s unexpired term, in 2015, beofre the next election for his citywide, at-large seat.