Ex-Penn State Counsel: Spanier “Lied to Me”

Cynthia Baldwin not winning any fans in Happy Valley.

This week, in recently unsealed grand jury testimony from 2012, Penn State’s former counsel Cynthia Baldwin is quoted calling ex-president Graham Spanier a liar, regarding what he knew about previous investigations into Jerry Sandusky.

During her testimony, Baldwin said she would describe her perception of Spanier through the Sandusky investigation as dishonest. “He is not a person of integrity. He lied to me,” she said…Baldwin was the university’s first internal general counsel. She started at the university in 2010. Upon hire, Baldwin said Spanier never informed her of previous police investigations regarding Sandusky in 1998 and 2001.

Baldwin, not exactly a fan favorite among a certain crowd of true-believers–when she took the stand during grand jury testimony, she ended up testifying against Penn State administrators, rather than for them–isn’t going to be any more popular after this. [StateCollege.com]