Hall & Oates Appreciation Day: “Living It”

Mutlu Onaral on working with Hall & Oates.

To celebrate Hall & Oates’ election to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Philly Mag writers are sharing their memories and thoughts about the Philly duo. We reached out to Philly-based singer/songwriter Mutlu to share his experiences working with them.

Having the opportunity to work with Daryl Hall and John Oates over the last several years has been a dream come true. Opening shows for them all over the U.S. and collaborating with them has been among the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a musician.

What’s so inspiring about Daryl and John, alongside their extraordinary success and longevity, is their true commitment to the craft of performing and songwriting. They’re truly in it for the love of making music. I’ve learned so much from them and I feel honored to call them my friends. —Mutlu Oneral