Important People Were Asked to Predict the Governor’s Race

This is what they said.

At this weekend’s PA Society, the always entertaining Daily News columnist John Baer polled 50 or so PA politics poobahs about who would win the Democratic gubernatorial primary. 42 answered (stats alert: sample size wayyy too small, but oh well); here are the winnahs.

Rob McCord, 14 votes: 28 percent.

Allyson Schwartz, 13 votes: 26 percent.

Tom Wolf, 9 votes: 18 percent.

Katie McGinty, 3 votes: 6 percent.

Kathleen Kane, 3 votes: 6 percent.

No second-tier candidate – Ed Pawlowski, John Hanger, Max Myers, Jo Ellen Litz – drew a mention.

Ooh! Upset! But next time, Baer, we want you to employ an Instant-Runoff system. (Rendell, for his part, said, “Who the fuck knows?” Really.)

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