Penn Prof Found Guilty of “Open Lewdness”

"Inappropriately touching himself."

Penn Department of Anthropology lecturer Adam Bund was found guilty of “open lewdness” and harassment yesterday. According to court dockets, there he was accused in two separate incidents that occurred in Houston Hall, one in February, the other in April. Here’s what went down in February, according to a DP report from the time.

According to PPD, a 21-year-old female reported that in February Bund was looking in her direction while “inappropriately touching himself.” It is unclear whether the female was affiliated with the University.

The April incident featured similar creepiness, apparently. Overall, he was found guilty of two counts of harassment and two counts of open lewdness, but was found not guilty of indecent exposure. (Replay the scenario if you wish, given that information.) He was sentenced to a maximum of twelve months probation for the offenses. Mr. Bund, meet