Kathleen Kane Seriously Considering Senate Run

She's definitely running for *something.*

The subplot of Patrick Kerkstra’s recent magazine piece on Kathleen Kane was her inevitable foray into more high-profile statewide office. But while many wondered if she’d make a late entrance into the 2014 governor’s race, sources are telling the Daily News that it’s Pat Toomey’s Senate seat she’s eyeing instead.

Three sources close to Kane confirmed that she is very interested in a 2016 Senate run. “I think she sees it as a good opportunity,” one of the sources said. “I think it’s something she’s seriously looking at.”

It certainly would be a fascinating race. Toomey will try to rekindle that Tea Party fever that has fallen to all-time lows, while Kane will have to hope that her controversial stands on gay marriage and her investigation of Tom Corbett’s handling of his Penn State investigation play well statewide. [Daily News]