Hot Stuff: Could Sriracha Plant Come to Philly?

A joke starts getting serious.

When Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney respnded to the problems of a California-based Sriracha-manufacturing plant by sending a letter inviting the makers to move to Philadelphia, everybody had a good laugh. But Philadelphia Business Journal reports the joke may become more serious:

 A judge ordered a partial shutdown of the Huy Fong Foods plant because of the stinky odors it emits into the neighborhood. In response, Kenney said he’s looking for potential sites in the area where they can make sriracha sauce without the smell bothering neighbors.

Huy Fong responded to the Philadelphia offer with this, reported by NBC10:

“We are grateful that you and Philadelphia are concerned and care about our company,” the glowing letter, dated Nov. 12, states. “Your invitation was truly inviting (and enjoyable to read). It uplifted us during this serious situation.

“Before we even consider such a huge endeavor of moving, we would need to first research things like what the health department regulations are regarding acidized foods in Pennsylvania.”

The downside? Philadelphia journalists would have to spell “Sriracha” over and over again for years to come.