Mayor Nutter: Not a “Knockout Game” Fan

"Disgusting and inexcusable behavior."

Turns out Mayor Nutter isn’t such a fan of the “knockout game.”

The Inquirer reports:

Mayor Nutter, hoping to forestall the spread of random assaults and the so-called knockout game in Philadelphia, urged youths and parents Monday to consider the consequences of such attacks.

“First and foremost, this is disgusting and inexcusable behavior,” Nutter said at an evening news conference at City Hall.

He vowed that anyone caught participating in “this current rash of stupidity” would be caught and prosecuted.

It’s not quite an “idiots and assholes” moment—but one more attack and you can probably expect to find the mayor in a church pulpit on Sunday.

Of course, that’s if you believe the knockout game is real. The New York times suggested over the weekend that it’s an “urban myth.”

If it’s real, then I think we should trace it to Andy Samberg’s SNL days.