Philadelphia Gets Perfect Score for LGBT Friendliness

From the Human Rights Campaign.

Philadelphia earned a perfect score–100/100–from the Human Rights Campaign for LGBT-friendliness. The categories were:

  1. Non-Discrimination Laws
  2. Relationship Recognition
  3. Municipality as Employer (How LGBT-friendly is city government)
  4. Municipal Services (Is the city pro-active about ensuring LGBT rights?)
  5. Law enforcement (Hate crimes enforcement)
  6. Relationship with LGBT Community

In fact, Philly should have scored 113/100, with the “bonus points” we earned, but 100 was the max. Actually, come to think of it, Philly was even robbed a couple bonus points in the category of “Cities are pro-equality despite restrictive state law.” After all, Pennsylvania currently bans gay marriage and allows LGBT discrimination in the workplace. For comparison’s sake, Bosotn and New York also earned perfect scores, but Boston didn’t have as many bonus points. See the rankings for yourself here.