Hall & Oates Have Slim Lead on Hall of Fame Ballot

They're less than 200 votes ahead of Peter Gabriel.

First, one of the weirdest videos ever made. Daryl Hall is beautiful in this. And John Oates with full beard? Looks like professional wrestler. Can’t stop watching this:

Now, the news:

Hall & Oates have pulled into fifth place in fan balloting for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The top five vote-getters will be on the official “fan ballot” that helps determine the next five inductees. Which means that, at long last, our campaign to get the Philly duo into the hall is bearing some fruit. Huzzah!

We’ve got to stay on top of this, though. At this writing, H&O only has a bare 160-vote lead over Peter Gabriel. (This news has shocked the monkey!) So keep voting early and often, and maybe this campaign will make-a our dreams come true.