United Airlines to Fly Out of Atlantic City

Jersey Shore comeback or spitting into the wind?

Right now, Atlantic City International Airport isn’t doing much international business. It’s got one carrier, Spirit Airlines, which mostly shuttles oldheads between the Shore and the gulf coast of Florida. No longer! United Airlines (or should we say USUNITEDAIRLINEWAYS?) will start flying planes from A.C. to its hubs in Chicago and Houston.

Service is to begin April 1, with two arrivals and two departures daily between Atlantic City and Chicago, and two arrivals and two departures between Atlantic City and Houston each day.

Gov. Christie, Steve Sweeney, and other pols are hailing this as a way to revive A.C.’s tourism/gambling industry. That’d be nice. But it might just turn out to be a nice way for local to get the hell out of dodge every once in a while.


*Correction: I jokingly insinuated that United and US Airways had just merged. US and American were the ones that merged, as our astute commenters pointed out below.