Tom Knox Is Running for Mayor (PSYCH!)

Apparently he changed his mind on the same day the news broke.

UPDATE: In one of the weirder press releases we’ve ever gotten, Tom Knox–on the same day news of his candidacy broke–has announced he’s withdrawing from the race.

After much soul-searching and many difficult conversations with my wife, children and trusted advisers, I am today announcing the end of my planned 2015 mayoral campaign.  I did not reach this decision easily.  I love Philadelphia. Leading this great city as mayor has been a lifelong ambition, but it’s simply not to be.  The significant toll a mayoral campaign would take on my family life was the motivating factor behind my decision.  I put my family through one arduous mayoral campaign, I can’t put them through another.  I sincerely thank the many citizens who already offered me their heartfelt support and contributed their hard-earned money to the campaign.  I will be returning all campaign contributions immediately and reaching out to each donor personally.  I will continue to be involved in shaping the future of Philadelphia in meaningful ways and will have a very keen interest in the selection of our next mayor.  To all those who have worked with me, stood by me and believed in my candidacy, I offer my sincerest gratitude.”

Much soul-searching? In my book, you gotta be in the race at least three days before your soul has been sufficiently searched. Theory: Did he forget to tell hiS family about this and then get an earful? I reached out to spokesperson Frank Keel, who sent out the release at 3:55, but have not heard back.


In an effort to make sure the line “perennial rumored candidate” instead reads “perennial candidate” on his obituary one day, businessman Tom Knox has officially declared his intention to run for mayor in 2015.

Knox came in second in the 2007 Democratic primary, almost ran for governor ’10, almost ran for mayor in ’11 and almost ran against Tom Corbett time around. Actually, he likes running for office so much he sort of already made this announcement already.

Here’s what he wrote to supporters, in part:

Life’s milestone moments are best when shared with friends. That’s why I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday, November 20th as I formally launch my campaign for Mayor of Philadelphia in 2015. I would be honored if you would join me for my announcement event at 12:15 pm in Conversation Hall on the second floor of City Hall.

Darrelle Clarke and State Sen. Tony Williams also held fundraisers this week. They’re expected to run for mayor as well. [Inquirer]