Predator May Have Sexually Assaulted Men in Jersey

Used beer pong as a pretext to rape.

Fox 29 reports: “Rockville, MD -Authorities say they’ve busted a sexual predator that targeted men, raping them, and it may have happened in New Jersey. Cops say he found his victims playing beer pong, and other games until he was arrested in Maryland.”

Investigators say “Joey Poindexter would cruise places where beer pong was being played and prey on young men.” They suspect he did it for at least 10 years—preying so long because his victims were too ashamed to come forward—and across multiple states, including New Jersey.

A recent victim says Poindexter bought him a Long Island Iced Tea during a game of beer pong; he woke up in Poindexter’s house and was sexually assaulted there. Since then, several more victims have been identified.

A bit of commentary: The macho among us will probably make jokes about all this. Screw that. Poindexter — if he did what he’s accused of — relied on shame and fear of being mocked to ensure the silence of the men he allegedly assaulted. No good. Don’t help perpetuate the stigma by being a jerk.