Under Obamacare, Some Blue Cross Insurance is Free

But the Philly company isn't advertising it.

The New York Times reports that Obamacare subsidies are making some health insurance plans essentially free after rebate.

The Times:

Many insurers tried to price their least expensive plans so they would become free or nearly free with the addition of subsidies that are set based on a person’s income and the cost of a midlevel, or silver, plan.

Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia has four plans that are free to some customers. But the company, along with other insurers, has been careful not to publicize its free coverage for fear of alienating customers who will need to pay more.

“We’re not advertising zero dollar,” said Brian Lobley, a senior vice president at Independence Blue Cross. But the company is promoting monthly premiums in the $20 to $30 range, he said.

Up to 7 million customers will get free coverage under the new law.