Grace Kelly’s Former Home Infested with Cats

81-year-old woman accused of hoarding them.

Grace Kelly’s childhood home, in East Falls, is teeming with flea-ridden cats.

SPCA officers rescued 14 cats from the home; another was found dead in the foyer. The homeowner, Marjorie Bamont is now facing animal cruelty charges…”The conditions inside the property, fleas, feces everywhere in the house, it’s just totally unsanitary,” said George Bengal, SPCA.

There’s another potential culprit here, as well–and one that may have been more directly responsible. Bamont, an 81-year-old described as an animal advocate who may have mental health issues, at some point was befriended by the much-younger Troy Robinson, who has apparently been living in the house with her. A criminal who’s confessed to attempted rape and burglary, Robinson will also likely be charged with animal cruelty.

One of Bamont’s neighbors, for the record, suspects her of having stolen some of her cats a few years back. But she never answered the phone, the door, and would apparently “hide” when sought out. Anyways: Animal cruelty or…guerilla marketing by the Michener Museum?? [6 ABC]